pro.tone - Flux [Jelly Bean Farm]


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Audio-visual Mexican artist pro.tone is all about that influential UK sound that he pushes into very personal fields under low frequency laws. This "Flux" track that we extracted from the first of a two-part introduction compilation "Jelly Bean Farm - Enter" is the best example for an initiation to his sound.

This forthcoming release features 12 tracks crafted by up-and-coming bass & techno producers from North America, UK and the EU; Squane & Rees, Truska, Hypho, PAN:INC, Bokeh, Lowquid, Nuvaman or Sensei to name a few. Each providing distinctly unique works which embody the JBF signature sound that balances dark & rolling with moody-nostalgia. And, pro.tone is no exception. He rescues the best of early pulsing electro-funk/boogie rhythms that he then blends with jungle, gritty digital dancehall, ragga underpinning vocals and sophisticated studio magic drum breaks.

Flux's body-impacting basslines expand audio perception, and pro.tone uses skillful sound design to interchange between fragile and thrilling melodies with mechanical sounds. His restless percussion sections nods to the eccentric frenzy of the afrofunk DNA and sensual groove of UK Funky tradition.

Keep an eye on Jelly Bean Farm for the official release the following days.