Lush Life (feat. Dani Poppitt)




Portland based songwriter Leo Islo continues to go from strength to strength with each subsequent release. ‘Lush Life’ is Islo’s first original of 2017 as the artist opens a new chapter in his already promising career.

Raw, untamed bass lines with Leo’s signature grainy distortion gives the track an undeniably, powerful character. A mixture of ambient chords, undulating pads, and field recordings add a variety of textures to the song.

Tapping vocalist Dani Poppitt for this single reveals Islo’s progression as a budding composer and songwriter. Her captivating solo and beautiful, harmonic pairing with Islo will leave you breathless. Capped off with several electrifying guitar solos, ‘Lush Life’ will certainly leave fans wanting more.
LEO ISLO - Lush Life (feat. Dani Poppitt)