Can't Put You Down

Lonely Benson

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"I keep you around
'Cause I can't put you down"

A new song every month; this one was released on January 1st, 2017.


When I bring you up to my lips
It's always more than just a kiss
And my head spins when I'm with you
'Til I can't stand in my own shoes
I keep you around
'Cause I can't put you down

I keep coming back
No matter the cost
Or the time that I've lost on you
I put on the act
But I keep coming back to you

Well you taste just like a good night
When I'm thirsty in the daylight
My companion
Oh my good friend
I'm reminded of the first time we got drunk
I can't give you up

Put me down for another round
Only if you let me
Only if you let me