We Never Sleep

Lox Chatterbox

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Produced by Lox Chatterbox
Performed by Lox Chatterbox.
We never sleep , we-we-we never sleep (repeated)
I wanna dedicate this one to all my motherfuckin homies.
I said we up late, we dont ever get no sleep,
we dont ever get no, we dont ever need no, we dont ever get no sleep
I said Ill sleep when I'm dead.
Fuck what the neighbors think,
Cause we never sleep.
I said we up late,
and we aint gonna sleep tonight,
they tell us that our lifestyles wrong but they cant tell us why it feels so right
We livin that good life,
doing what we all do best,
fuckin up shit, takin drugs, makin love
living like its our last day left
and now im so high,
i do what the fuck i want
i could sniff a hundred lines,
i could write a dumb rhyme,
we could do what the fuck we want,
because we so on,
trash every single room in the house,
let the girls just dance where they want to, they dont give a fuck, like fuck your couch!
I got my team on my side, and I feel like i could die,
and I wouldnt miss a thing cause I did it already, and I love you muhfuckas no lie.
I said we up late, actin like we rule the world,
not a hater in sight, cause we all got love and there isnt any drama with the girls
we livin that wild life
from weed to molly to mushrooms,
we could do none, or we could do em all,
and still have fun - but I like choice two.
Rollin up that good shit,
with a good flick
Laughin so hard when the shrooms hit
And i cant stop smiling,
cause with all of my homies and Im on cloud 9 just flying.
Everybody in this motherfucka feelin so right,
cause were living that life,
I dont understand why you wanna talk shit, instead of getting high, but thats alright
My Teams the shit, and we all got bonds so thick,
you can judge all you want but we live like this cause we know that life's too quick
in just the blink of an eye you can lose everything,
so how you expect your future to change,
if you wont live now.
Party at the mansion, everyday like Gatsby,
crammin everybody in the back seat,
never sober don't ask me,
everywhere we go, people looking at us like black sheep
Call the cops if you want to,
but you better believe that tomorrow we doing part two.
We aint turning down shit, your just waisting your breathe tryna argue.
We dont sleep, fuck the police,
and we dont quit, fuck that bullshit
Yeah we dont sleep, fuck the police,
cause we never sleep, *we-we-we never sleep
Cause We. Never. Sleep.(Repeat)
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