Sould Out - The Magical Mystical [FMR 004]

Magnetic Magazine

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Ahead of the the April 17th drop date, Magnetic's got an exclusive premiere off of @sould_out's forthcoming release on Furious Mandrill Records. This track is a throwback to the classic low-key disco ballads of yore, with a modern clean-cut production sound.

A lovely set of haunting keys kick off this magical journey, hopping across the sonic landscape like a shooting star skipping across a twilight sky. After the piano slides to a sharp stop, a bottoms-up bass line rolls through with enough force to catch and keep the slick groove. The perfect amount of percussive play unfolds as the track progresses, leaving us with enough room to breath, and ample accents to dance to. By the time the airy vocals float down from high above, they land squarely at the center of a blissed out party jam. Exceptional!