Blinded By Doubts

Sophia Schöenau

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With fall just around the corner, the international singer/songwriter, Sophia Schöenau, can’t help but put out one more jam before summer’s end. Best known for having tropical and positive vibes, the young talent incorporates these qualities once again to put together this anthem that celebrates both self-empowerment and free spiritedness. Sophia Schöenau says that Blinded By Doubts is a song meant to take the listeners through the journey of a young girl whose boyfriend is more infatuated with his own interests than he is with her. Still unsure of what she wants, hence being ‘blinded by doubts,’ the girl finally gains the strength to speak her mind, hits the open road and spends the day living it up with her friends. Inspired by both personal experiences and those of her friends, Sophia Schöenau understands the struggle that may come from a relationship and hopes that Blinded By Doubts speaks to those who may actually be blinded by doubts.