Buck Fever (feat. RoDizzyy)

Max Taylor

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Featuring RoDizzyy
Produced by Max Taylor
Mixed & Mastered by Max Taylor
Music Video - bit.ly/1o9VdMb

[Intro: Max Taylor]
Keep flexing and pop a blood vessel
Rep that bezel, look up at my level
Step up your message those weapons are gentle, this sentence rejects em' get wrecked with this (Dizzyy)

[Verse 1: RoDizzyy]
This ain't a game, I never get played
Most of these niggas is fake or they lame
I cannot trust you, I better get paid
Moving so silent, a game of charades
Taking off, rolling, I'm rolling, I'm rolling
Earned all this money, this money ain't stolen
I'm taking your bitch and I'm taking her home with me
Aye, no one is cold is me
No one can match this flow, y'all cannot have it no
Bet you can't find my home, nigga I'm off the globe
I done sold all the dope
Aye, need a new occupation
Aye, grew up in awkward nation
Aye, niggas be hating, doge em' like matrix
Fucking yo bitch, niggas be happy we fucking the same chicks, I'm feeling amazing yuh

[Verse 2: Max Taylor]
Hip-hop's just a game, we ain't scared of ya
Quit talking, you're breaking your character
Keep acting obnoxious and honest to god you'll get slaughtered so they're not aware of ya
That arrogance wears at your stamina, it's apparent they're scared to be amateurs
I swear that they're staring to see what's been amped and then grab on the wagon to jam with us
Land of the lakes, land of the half-average masses that waste all the time and the space
Land that's been trashed by these attics that act like they haven't been flashed by the light of a day
Okay, get to it
Move with the movement or you may get ruined
This music influences all of the youth but kids get consumed or abuse the abuser
You know who it is

I don't need your help and I can tell you still don't understand
Those who don't appreciate life do not deserve life