Forgiven (feat. 4 AM)

Max Taylor

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Featuring 4 AM
Produced by Max Taylor
Mixed & Mastered by Max Taylor

[Verse 1: 4 AM]
Waterproof boots in the coop, what you tryna do
Tryna hit a lick, you tryna get loot on my avenue
Smashing in his face my girlfriend text me say "I'm mad at you"
She don't know I'm crazy, I wrap up in a padded booth
Never pass the blunt, I'm just passing up a alley-oop
In the alley making whoops, neighbors asking "what's the scoop?"
So like ice cream I serve em
Smelling so nice you'd think I'm selling up detergent
And I'm sick of all these motherfuckers think that they recurring
I can tell you pussy by the way you are purring
And I got the pot, and I'm steady stirring, speech is slurring, referring back to the blunts that I was burning, higher learning

[Hook: 4 AM]
Oh please, mind your business
Oh please, get your bags cause you are surely tripping
Oh please, I am just living
Oh please, you act like I ain't forgiven

[Verse 2: Max Taylor]
You could never top me boy
Real tunes, real dude, you're a decoy
Hittem with this and don't forget or forgive em if you see me in the limelight know that I can destroy these dudes
Peep this, sneak previewā€ˇ
Need me, need time, don't need you
Take a minute and forget all of ya evidence
Take another just let the truth settle in
I never settle in
I've never hit a lick, I've always been a gentleman
But what's a gentleman next to all the rest of them, take a guess and bet that it's just better than its ever been
You already knew that though, keep listening to rap and you'll lose your soul
Keep listening to that asshole attack another motherfucking microphone and you'll be sold