Matzah Balling

Max Taylor

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Produced by Max Taylor
Mixed & Mastered by Max Taylor
Hosted by DJ Shlomo

I won't eat bread for bout' seven days
And Jesus won't see me at heaven's gates
Cause me and my people don't sit at the steeple we eat and read hebrew to celebrate
Society's always ignored us
Your trees won't compare to menorahs
Been spinning these dreidels and eating these bagels so you know I never take shortcuts

Manischewitz sipping, you won't get this if you're Christian
I'm on a strict matzah diet no pasta or rice when it's Passover, pass on the pastries
I'm honest except when they need a few cents because that's just how my mother raised me
In need of some halavah, soup with the matzah balls, hamentashens I've been craving
And joke bout' the holocaust, don't be astonished that you get paid minimum wage, kid
My people done parted the seas, no wonder they're making the cheese
Just not with the meat because that is not kosher, I know that it's hard to believe
Minneapolis to Tel Aviv
I'm serving seders overseas
I mean what I say, I can't even explain to these goyim how nice it's to be just a jew