Paradox (prod. The Virus and Antidote)

Max Taylor

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Produced by The Virus and Antidote
Mixed & Mastered by Max Taylor
Cover art by Murad Sayfullaev

It's a paradox, it's a, it's a paradox
It's a paradox, it's a, it's a paradox
It's a paradox, it's a, it's a

[Verse 1]
Hold it, we don't need your emotions, leave it alone, we just need you to focus
Feeling it in your bones, don't freeze in the cold of your home is just hopeless
So I keep to my own, they feed from the souls of the people who opened up, uh, feeling me all through a screen
Reality's not a machine, so please step away from the scene
Laugh at me while I'm at peace, there's no place that I'd rather be, NEVER, holding me back, hoping that I might collapse so my focus is surely intact
The foes never notice what matters til after the damage is dealt and the surface is cracked

Notice the composure's never broken when they're scared to talk
Hold on to your motives or you'll surely be the last to walk, slacking off, sad to see the passion splattered on the block Captive in my pair of docs, it's a, it's a paradox

[Verse 2]
It's apparent that they're in a box, characterized by the standards that stranded their thoughts
Flaws, so something's in common, contemplate problems and then never solve em', honest to god we ain't got one
We're drawn the options that calm us, compensates for the corruption, nothing will ever resolve it
Cause and effect, kissing the coffin as homage, now all the concepts have blossomed
Lost your respect, in it for riches and hogwash, back off and don't even talk
It's costing ya all credibility, get rejected without an identity
Never forget that they're enemies while they've been charging that negative energy

They're screaming for help, I keep to myself cause I never received it
They're needing me now, reaching for every reason to see this
Never believed it, recently I've been releasing these demons, heed, leave it, let em' keep bleeding, told you already that I don't keep secrets