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Coubo's sophomore release, "Savour", is now available!

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@Coubo is now 20 years old and he has continuously evolved as a musician. The debut of his sophomore release, Savour, is a prime example of how he has taken aspects of his personal life and transformed it into something positive to share with us all. Coubo has the uncanny ability to suck your heart, soul, and imagination into the soundscape that he has created via his music, melting away all anxiety. His music has a sincerely genuine, soulful purity to it that is hard to match.

This album is something that can be taken to the dance floor or played in a room with a bunch of friends for a chill out session. Whether it's a high energy track or something more tranquil, the indistinguishable Coubo factor that permeates throughout his music is ever-present, having a calming and thought-provoking effect on the engaged listener. This is contemplative music while simultaneously being seckzie, unique, and soulful.

We hope that you have a pleasurable experience whilst listening to this album. It comes from Russia with love.

released November 24, 2016

All tracks produced, mixed and mastered by Coubo.

A&R by w0nka

Artwork by Julia Petrova

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