SAKIMA - Happy Hr

Moving Castle

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“The song sounds like it's about drinking, sex, and drugs, but it's actually about being over-obsessed with a guy I dated. I was doing a lot partying and dumb stuff around that time. For some reason this guy made me act differently. I acted completely normal when actually, in my head, I was like 'marry me or die'... hence the melodramatic lyrics such as 'take it to my blood' and the chorus: ‘we're all falling for the same shit’ but the 'we' more refers to my normal-self and my crazy-self” ~ @sakimamusic

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SAKIMA_Happy Hr_Lyrics

[verse 1]
we all sipping down sipping down on the henny
real gc
getting drunk mentaly
how can i drink this away
how can i smoke this away, yeah

we all fuck around
and say that it’s just ceeb
earn that gram and down that speed
rub it on my gums
take it, to my, blood

i don’t like waste
let me do it this time
let me take it for u
have it all to myself

we’re all falling for the same shit
never leave the neighbourhood
how to pass another year
tripping on the same bit
loving is so good
why would i ever leave here?
falling for the same shit, oh, oh
falling for the same shit, oh, oh

[verse 2]
turn you on
keeping it vocal
if you wanna go out better keep it local
meet me, after, nine,
it's happy, hour, time

in the worst way
getting real naughty
under this sunset and summer body
watch it, make it, run
watch me while i cum



[middle 8]
it’s a million degrees
and i got you under me
tear and share a piece
and pass that toke to me
if you wanna, drink this straight
on the rocks to taste
just rub it on my gums
take it, take it, to my blood