SAKIMA - He's Trippi

Moving Castle



"When making this EP it was critical to create songs that could act as a counterbalance to the unequal representation of gay stories within popular music. I'm sharing all of my insecurities, sexual experiences and youth without leaving anything behind, and without disguising those parts of myself in rhetoric. It's the first time that I've truly been around people in the music industry who just accept me for who I am as a person and as an artist, and I can finally release this work that is so important to me and that I believe is important to popular music. And in terms of this mission of normalising gay narratives within pop music, I'm only just getting started." ~ @sakimamusic

watch & read the audio-visual collaboration w/ @vsco & rianne white:

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photo by: anna partington

i’m loving your story
no one does it quite like you
takin your clothes off
you don’t give a fuck who’s watching you

give me attention
i wanna be the one that you call
for sex and dim sum
oh baby we could make it pour

make it pour on me all night
imma pour it on his back

oh my oh my he’s risky
oh my oh my getting dizzy
oh my oh my he’s trippy
i wanna have me some of that

oh my oh my drinking whisky
oh my oh my getting tipsy
oh my oh my he’s sexy
i wanna have me some of that

[verse 2]
making movies
messing up the couch
love how you’re moving
what you’re doing i’m all about

it’s like a reflex
when i get drunk i gotta fuck
you say i’m sleepless
i say i’m gonna pour it up



[middle 8]
gotta have you as my man
pay my penance any way i can
gotta let me love you right
promise imma never gonna close my eyes