[ANNOUNCEMENT] Mada's "Misfortune" Take - Official FLP/MIDI Pack (Link in Description)





This Google Drive folder contains several things that will make setting up to do takes on Misfortune much easier. From all the necessary soundfonts/VSTs/audio clips (with only a couple exceptions,) to two versions of both the MIDI and FLP, everything here is designed to give as much help as reasonably possible.

You can listen to Mada's actual take on Misfortune here:

Now for a few shoutouts:
Mada (@imadaus) - being incredibly kind and helpful throughout the entire process, as well as providing the original FLP for his take
AFlorablePuns (@thefangsomewolf) - doing the fantastic art in the thumbnail
Vinpie (@welcome-to-the-next-level) - making the original Misfortune
Dreem (@dreem-or-eliseo) - providing the initial Misfortune base that Mada used
SONIXARYA (@sonixayraofficial) and MrEpic (@mrepicishere777) - providing certain presets that Mada used
Orelover (@orelover14) - providing the Shreddage that Mada used
Drop0ff (@droplikeanecake) - composing Tears in the Rain (https://soundcloud.com/droplikeanecake/tears-in-the-rain-updated-a-conceptualized-neutral-run-megalovania,) which Mada used as a motif in the piano section
FabiXM - helping Mada to procure FL