Endless Supernovas (Our Broken Constellations V1 ITSO Endless Debt V2)


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i couldn't find `outer sans but he king` art so I used an outertale meme
link here: http://mod2amaryllis.tumblr.com/post/133299657432/the-outertale-au-is-super-good-the-color-scheme
made a few changes from my actual take on the v2 of endless debt, mainly did this to push how far this kind of shit could go and actually work. thought it sounded good so here it is lol
hope you enjoy... or not, i guess
Endless Debt by Callie (@prettytranny)(Current ver: https://soundcloud.com/prettytranny/endless-debt)
Our Broken Constellations by Drop0ff (@droplikeanecake)(V1 by Drop: https://soundcloud.com/fallen-stars-dev-team/fallen-stars-ost-our-broken-constellations) (Current ver by Sonix: https://soundcloud.com/fallen-stars-dev-team/fallen-stars-our-broken-constellations)
OBC V1 FLP by Shaxis (@ow-more-edge)