[Inkwell Indebted] KING OF NONE (My Take on Saster's "Endless Debt")


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PSA: The wonderful art was done by Erkfir (https://erkfir.deviantart.com.) Check out the full image at the original link here:

Saster (@sasterdamusicdude) did the original track. Be sure to check it out here:

Also Saster doesn't do Undertale-related stuff anymore, but you should *still* follow him tho. His originals are gonna be gud.
So... Cuptale is actually becoming a thing. Looks like this has an actual AU now XD
This is in no way official, nor would I even remotely expect it to be. I just did this take for the fun of it.
Mixing's a bit muddy, but I'm pretty proud otherwise. Hope you guys enjoy! :)
Original "Endless Debt" by Callie (@prettytranny)
Original Remix and FLP by Saster
Motifs by Kristofer Maddigan
FLP Edited by Me
Inkwell Indebted AU Property of Callie and Slick Silver (@slickest-of-em-all)