RANT IN DESCRIPTION: This Bullshit "Leaving The Community" """Drama"""




I'm tired, I have the flu, and I'm angry. ...Not a good combo, to say the least.
But anyway, what really pisses me off about this whole talk surrounding people leaving the fandom... is the fact that this happens every. SINGLE time. someone does just that. For ANY reason, without fail, a good amount of people REEEE to the high heavens to get their points across.
Just... the SAME ARGUMENT HAPPENS OVER. AND *OVER.* AND *O V E R A G A I N .* Like JFC you don't need to get all up in arms every time someone in the fandom so much as WHISPERS about not doing UT content anymore (or just cutting back.)

>People worried that UT is gonna die: Well it will if WE MOSTLY FOCUS ON INCONSEQUENTIALLY NEGATIVE THINGS!! Maybe, oh i dunno... focus on the bright side of things for a change? Being negative 24/7, ESPECIALLY with all these dumb fandom arguments, barely helps anyone at all!!

>People who keep focusing on the overabundance of Megalos/Trousles in this argument: Well maybe if people did more than Megalos/Trousles... there wouldn't be an overabundance, now would there? HMM?!?! Set an example instead of constantly BITCHING... *WHILE CONTRIBUTING TO THE """PROBLEM."""*
Oh and what's this? A lot of the people that actually tried to do more of other tracks in the UT OST are leaving the fandom en masse now, and presenting this same sort of argument? Of fucking course; always wanting a way to take a nonexistant high road, up to and including trashtalking the fandom as if NOTHING good has *ever* come from it. Well GEEEEEEEEEE-whillickers! Guess I need to cough my brains out some more so i can finally be rid of this shit.

....(sigh) I love this fandom and everyone I've had the fortune to meet, I really do. But this whole "leaving the community drama" is stupid.
You wanna know what's killing our fandom? It's not people leaving, and it's not there being an overabundance of a certain type of content. It's bullshit and/or reoccuring arguments like THIS that are destroying the very fandom you claim to cherish or despise.
...end rant. I need to lay down and suffer some more.