[Recognized Maniacs] 'Tis The Season To Be Jolly (My Take)


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Check out the official playlist here: soundcloud.com/xinleaf/sets/au-megalo-tale
Also be sure to join the RM Discord! discord.gg/zag2rR8
PSA: The logo in the thumbnail, as well as the original song, was done by Xinleaf (@xinleaf / @xinclover)
Listen to the original track here:

Xeno (@xenofag) and Xinleaf both own the Recognized Maniacs AU.
So... been a while since I did a cover related to this AU, huh? XD
Anyway, pretty proud of this one! Not much else to say for once, so I hope you guys enjoy. :)
Original Song and FLP by Xinleaf
"Mokeylokrima" and "ABYSSAL" by Xinleaf
FLP Edited by Me