[Spongetale: Reversed Currents] "hi, how are ya?" + Jellyfish Jam


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PSA: The sprite in the thumbnail was done by the very talented JhuanBarzola123. View the unedited image here:

Xino (@xinleaf) made the FLP that I built from for this track. Although I made edits to it, all the credit for the idea of this Trousle should go to him.
Also, you can find his official FLP release in #announcements in the Recognized Maniacs server.

As always, my Trousle drum sample comes from MrEpic (@mrepicishere777)
So, the basic idea behind this one was that it’d fit for a combo AU of Spongetale and Revertswap (or Swapswap, as it’s so jokingly called.) Really proud of all the adjustments I made here.
On that (rather short) note, I hope you guys enjoy! :)
Original Track and FLP by Xinleaf
MIDI Converted and Edited by Me

Bibulus - WeeabooOmega (@weeaboo-weeaboo) and Nina (@nina-nintyrobo)
Stadium Rave A - Mark Governor and Glenn Nishida
Industrial Park (BFBB) - Jimmy Levine, Bobby Crew and Alex Wilkinson

Spongetale AU Property of Keno9988 (@keno9988v-official)
Revertswap AU Property of Addicted2Electronics (@addicted2electronics)