[Underswap] Stopping Them in Their Tracks - My Final Take on the V1


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PSA: ChappieTriggerHappy did the wonderful art in the thumbnail! View it in full here: https://chappietriggerhappy.deviantart.com/art/Papyrus-Is-Having-A-Great-Time-Underswap-583012143

GabbyTehBoxy (@gab-period / @justificationlovania) did the original. This was based on the V1 (https://soundcloud.com/gab-period/200-follower-special-12-original-underswap-ust-stopping-them-in-their-tracks), but listen to the V4 -- aka the best version -- here: https://soundcloud.com/gab-period/stop-updating-this-xd
So.... been quite the long ride, eh? XD
Seriously tho, this was one of the first true AU Megalo remixes I did, and now we've come to this. You can listen to the original remixes on my Fanburst (https://fanburst.com/mysteryman,) but this is the final and definitive version of my remix... as far as the V1 of STITT is concerned xd
On that note, hope you guys enjoy! :D
Original Song and FLP by GabbyTehBoxy
(features one motif by Toby Fox)
Edits by Me