Moonwalker (Prod. RedLightMusik)

ɴᴀsᴛʏ ɴᴇɴᴏ

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Nasty Neno releases new single "Moonwalker"


Yeah, Huh
I already told you
Yeah, what
Turn me up (yeah)

[Verse 1]
Diamonds they dancin' on me
You run up on me, I'm uppin' my heat (yeah)
Choppers put you to sleep (yeah)
Bullets eat you Mac N' Cheese (huhhh)
Out of this world, I'm not human (not human)
Pop me a perc, im not movin' (not movin)
Cop me a vert now I'm zoomin' (I'm zoomin)
Pussy wet, bet she oozin' (ughhh)
Yeah, uh huh (what)
Like metro I'm boomin' (boomin)
My ice feel like coolant (coolant)
Money, I speak fluent (yeah)
Get brain like a student (huh)
Pothead like a buddhist (yeah)
Your bitch, she got ruined (huhhh)
Better watch out for Judas

I got the diamonds on me
I'm packin' the heat
Bro shooting for free (ugh)
Choppers sprayin' like disease (huh)
Haters maggets, like fleas (what)
Neno, running to the money (huhhh)
Always chasing blue cheese (money)
I be pouring up the muddy
Moving weight like debris

[Verse 2]
I was trappin' to achieve (yeah)
Now I'm writing to release (huhhh)
Wake the sheep from their sleep
Coolin' geeked in the suite
Johnny Dang on me (huh)
I wrap it up with Gucci (yeah)
I dont want stank pussy (ughhh)
Bitch, bleed for the fee (huhhh)
Feet bleed for a P (what)
VVS diamond my bling
Pull up to the scene with green laser beams (yeahhh)
Choppers put you to sleep (huhhh)
Bullets eat you, Jimmy Dean
Invading this world I'm not human (what)
Forty on me, I'll do it (do it)
You run up on m, intruder (bah)
Now, stewards in the sewer (huhh)
Yeah, uh-huh (what)
Like Drake-O, I'm rulin' (what)
My watch on snow movement (ice)
Music, I speak fluent (what)
Get brain like a student (ughhh)
Fuck hoes, like a nudist (fuck her)
That bitch, she got ruined (ugh)
Her love wasn't proven