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Lyrics Kemosabe

Verse (1)

We may never lock eyes, cause it’s bad exposure
anything but hard times seem to wash away,
and we're not walking, we fly
a pair of hasty vultures
as these laws apply
our hearts decay


She made damn sure we
Never gon’ be friends (4x)

Verse (2)

I’m burning novels online
modern Allan Poe, yea
make confetti of times
you made thoughts of trees
ain't it shockin love dies
only skulls and bones left
and these laws apply
till the end of me

Verse (2) continued

its wild if i think about it
our lives are tied yet divided
it might be fine, but I doubt it
boo, you know you’re too sensitive

you’re right to despise surprises
and why I might think you like it
in spite of feeling uninvited
no matter how I beg or plead you still made damn sure we


Never gon’ be friends
She made damn sure we
Never ton’ be friends (3x)