Verse 1:
Never thought the passion of rapping would be my talent now imagine how I'm acting I'm laughing and slapping acid a passage had reminded me the mind of a lonely dragon is grasping all that he find but is blind to his lonely habits so I never meant you ill.
Never meant to lie I'm impossible to kill but I'm missing you when I die is that ALL for the reasons I'm calling you when I'm high.
Backwards on my mattress and jacking because you fly I notice that you hoping I open up and I cry but I'm broke enough not to notice ya motive is not divine WHY everybody stressing they blessings of other SIDES.
Stressing how you dressing impressing them other guys TRY everything you doing and move it to how I'm moving you winning and I am losing its you that I am pursuing So Do it just how im moving I'm fluent but you confusing I'm shooting but not improving I'm choosing you in Lew a my

Uh Oh,
Wa uh Oh oh oh,
Uh oh,
Uh oh,
Uh oh oh oh,
Uh oh,
Uh oh,
Uh oh oh oh,)

verse 2
Present with depressants the essence a adolescence is messing with evanescence and forcing me to the weapons distressing cuz every panic is opening up the Xanax I'm hoping that I can manage I'm frantic and still romantic yo her body known to kill.
Trap you with the eyes I'm blacking out with the pills cuz she white and on my rye and she know.
Yeah she know that I be down as I drown in my Woes.
And she ain't bound to the pound like them Hoes but she be down wit my sound yeah you Know,
She got me singing.
Whoa me wit the flows and the glow that she bringing yo but I be scared she don't care saying NO,

verse 3
So this is facing all my FEARS.
Racing for the PRIZE say she call me when she hear that Q is facing his DEMISE she be damned if a loner put boners up in them THIGHS she despise lonely poets and hoping we never RISE
never breaking up in to it mistaking is what she doing reshaping what she had ruined escaping the grasp a Cupid I'm shaken but never stupid cuz waiting is only human but mating is still a nuisance it's her that I am pursuing (uh oh)

hoping we can make up she wake up resolve the break up and take up and get our cake up and shake up with all my
wa uh.
making like we’re dating then fading once we start mating berating how gods creating a satan causing my
wa uh.
every time we break it we fake it and then replace it with love that is so forsaken it's vacant and cause my
wa uh.