Those shining eyes stood in the trees
who ran the mountains with the leaves
reflections resonate much more
it's clear a place you would adore

A restless run straight for the sun
The road was steep surrounded by
The acres of that grassy grain
sky solid still and golden stained

The plane window will open eyes
the emerald pools were far from dry
the water painted hand and quill
I saw His glory in the hills

Each day I thought back to my youth
When these words echoed in my house
Mother said give and you’ll receive
Her birdsong life shows that’s the key

We should be better

Your chest will melt if you can sleep
Hospital beds is Where June kept
The IV pole within arm’s reach
The nurse walked in after a plea

Sworn seen and sorry words were sown
The April winds must have been cold
The glare as she approached the stairs
June’s sisters tears were never fair

Our bodies stay so cruel and cold
with numbered cells taking a toll
her limit broken burdened bare
don't even think of our own hair

Colored lights, wooden floor no shoes
Some people climbing up the walls
But she still tried to dance with joy
And that was worth Montana’s noise

We should be better