DBANDZ KC - Trippin 3 (Prod. Dirty Sosa)




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Trippin (Prod. Fly Melodies): Trippin Pt. 1 detailed a time in my life that I felt very alone and isolated from those around me. I had gone through a lot of losses physically and mentally and felt the need to get out how I felt. Many still don't fully understand, but those closest have the best shot at knowing.

Trippin 2 (Prod. CJD) : After a break up with my FL, I had a different position in life than Trippin Pt. 1. Everything that troubled me was resolved, except the fact I had began a new journey on my own. I let things get to me more than I should've, but without that time period, I wouldn't have grown into who I am. This was me accepting that life was set to go forward as it was meant to be.

Trippin 2.5 (Prod. Pierre Bourne): Trippin 2.5 was me trying something new. I had grown a lot as an artist sound and maturity wise. I had mixed emotions on how things were looking with my luck of relations, and convinced myself that it was pointless to continue trying and worrying myself. It's better to listen to feel it.

Trippin 3 (Prod. Dirty Sosa): *Don't worry I don't feel like this anymore but feel where I'm coming from*