SANTANA MODE (Sicko Mode Remix)

Pharaoh Santana

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*que the akademiks freak out*
Remixing over Travis Scott's Sicko Mode, Santana Mode by Pharaoh Santana offers an upbeat vibe to close out the summer. The 3 beat changes incorporated throughout the song allow Pharaoh Santana to demonstrate his versatility.


I ain’t never met a quitter who ain’t meet his fate,
Niggas out here lacking passion man I can’t relate
If you on that switchin side shit then get out my face
Cause I ain’t never met a snake who was also great

Man they switching on me, but I don’t let nothing phase me
It’s all part of the plan I’m in phase 3
I own a business like Jay z
Cause I can’t let nobody make me
They looking for ways they can break me
I think that it’s funny
But I ain’t for time for no bullshit,
Im focused on greatness
I’m focused on money
I need a big bag
I’m sailing the seas like I’m sinbad
Let me take a breath for my haters
Cause these niggas big mad
Haha that shit It’s real sad like oooo
I think they mad that I’m winning
I think they mad that I lost oo
I used to be the employee then I made myself the boss oo
I’m making plays randy moss, spitting this water like Voss oo
I got good friends like I’m Ross, you know my whole squad got the sauce oo

I really can’t complain
I’m the silver surfer I made my own wave
I’m on a different path I ain’t got time for games
Feeling Django nigga I just got unchained

Santana the new green goblin, they like that boy is a problem
Formed a justice league just to get prestige
But all of you Niggas is robins
Real nigga engraved on my coffin
Dopest alive on my tombstone
A rapper and actor got two zones
Sophomore year I had two phones

Lately I been focused on the peace
I’m just tryna get a bag so I can give it to my niece
I been to Barcelona been to Greece
Next month I’ll be europe getting people out they seats
Man I need my fucking check aye
I need my check
Santana been a threat
I got stripes up on my vest
Smoking on some kelp
That shit help
Like I’m smack down I need the fucking belt aye
Feel like the rock aye
This shit don’t never stop
Just made a bop
They Molly rocking on the block aye
They tryna plot tryna take all I got
I guess just the struggle when you up up on the top

This ain’t even Stevens I ain’t Shia Lebouf
I just roll the wood and then I light it up
Ima young genius got the mitus touch
All this URLA on bitch I’m fly as fuck
If you want a problem nigga line it up
I go super Saian when I light the blunt
I got a big future I aint got rush
always present minded, never out of touch

They like damn Santana so deep
I ain’t even close to my peak
I’m like giannis teamed up with KD in August
Man I gotta really big reach
man and all you niggas Is sleep!
All of y’all snoozing, that shit a nuance
Bet they gon love me when im in the movies
The power consumes me
Im bumping that fat bran she choosin
So what could you what could you say
a young nigga raised LA
No more free verses
You boys gotta pay
I paved my very own lane put that on gang
I gotta show out on Amazon
I got a girl from the amazon
Smoking on cookies that’s tagalon
Rap like I’m Thor in that ragnarok
A wise master Jedi
no padawan

I look up to god like what else can I do?
22 young and free I just done with school
Did you play your role or did you play the fool?