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She's so jealous of her fit best mate,
She wore that low cut top to overcompensate.
Her eyes are gone but then it's not that late,
The vodka for the pre-drinks, what a big mistake.

Now grab your friends and arch your back,
Pictures at the front door, nothing class 'bout that.
No nothing screams "Sophisticated lasses"
Than going home without your heels and half your eyelashes.

It's just so enticing you can't say no,
(Can't say no, you can't say no)
But it's always a let down each time you go,
(Time you go, you can't say no)
You don't make your mind up you just to and fro,
(To and fro, each time you go)

But we are bound by invisible strings,
To go out and do unspeakable things.

Alcohol she claims its heaven sent,
But when the night comes round that's when her morals went.
Strike a pose yeah, one that flatters,
Looking good in pictures well it's all that matters.

She knocks it back but she don't really like the taste of it,
It's so surprising cause she's never been the one to spit.
What she downs not sure what it consisted,
It all helps in the goal of getting twisted,

She's trying things she said she never would of tried before,
She sniffs 'em off the keys to her mums front door.
Where's the weekend gone she must of missed it.
It passes by when you're out there getting twisted.