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With the release of his 9 Track Project “Sonatine”, he trades soul samples for cutting synths, without deserting the hard drums and snapping snares of his previous work. The cross-genre project pushes the envelope forming a sound replicating the marriage of hip hop, electro, drum & bass and house. The EP's first single release, Not Feeling Well, is layered with strings, synths and powerful drums, providing listeners a futuristic and experimental vibe with a not-hard-to-miss hip hop bounce.

M31RK has made a notable change from his previous work, choosing to experiment with new genre of music that is increasing in popularity daily. “I needed people to know that I’m more than just a traditional hip hop producer. I love the idea of experimenting with new sounds to further expand my style. Rappers and singers have been known to change styles pretty frequently, why can’t producers? Just like artists, producers have new influences and experiment with new sounds which breeds innovation.”

Artwork by Nick Fulcher
Mixed & Mastered by !llmind