☮ Flower Power ☮

Sam Prock


🌺 ⚡ "... Imagine waking up in a tent (you are at Coachella, Woodstock, Burning Man ...) Early morning. Festive & groovy day is ahead of you. Nature is waking-up, sun is rising. Late-night DJ is still playing bad ass bass groove .... Someone is taking a flute from hippie bag, with a Peace sign drawn with ball pens .... Someone is reaching for the guitar, trying to grind teeth of the Black Fender Strat for breakfast ... All become alive ... Full day is ahead of you. Full life is ahead of you... " ✌

☮ ~ Flower Power ~ We All Need Some <3 ~ The Hippies Were Right ~ ☮

Dedicated to great friends and unique artists ~ Kurt State @clubfungus @subwav and Martin Reed @its-tophonicus @fraudstein. Thank you for the vibe and inspiration, gents!

To teleport to 60's faster, when Robert Moog was inventing Model D, I played MiniMoog, Moog Modular (and other synths by Arturia and Korg). Played my blue Fender Strat to signify the times, when Jimi Hendrix was grinding his teeth over his black. Pushing flowers to the guns with Electronic and Psychedelic Rock is still needed. Imagined all thru my prism of future Deep Disco and Indie Dance vibe. Drums and all prod done in Ableton Live 9, mastering with IK Multimedia tools.

Cover art is my casual drawing in ArtRage with Apple Pen on iPad.

This is second original track for my Electronic Album. Will be enjoying building the release, dedicating each single to someone/smthg significant to me, so it will be full of good memories. Album not be as (in)consistent as my posts. From deep Chill to hyper Upbeat, Electronic vibe to Classical mood. Flower Power will be the "bumpiest" one, sorta Hippie with Knuckles :) Crystal Ripples is dedicated to Planet Earth. Peace!

Don't do drugs - it is bad for you. Spread Love - it is good for everyone 1<3

Released by Sam Prock May 4, 2017