Refreshment (Video in Description)




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I almost lost myself nearly lost the passion
Deliberating over patterns trying to find some balance
Doubt creeping in my mind can I rise to the challenge
Coz I’ve been under this rock trying to make beats knock
and there's a feeling dread in every tick-tock
Weighs heavy like lead though I can't be stopped
I know is almost time my people are fiending
Third time's a charm I write with that meaning
levitated my goals expanded horizons
Sidestepping these foes concealing these woes
Can't complain if you're claiming your pro
fessional rational is obscure I let it go.
The only way I know the only way I can
I got a birds eye view of the game and its a scam
Prisons of your name deluded about your fame
I'm busy sholdering weight time to stand a deliver
Minds on my pops and that cancerous liver
Write akward as fuck keep your minds eye locked
No refrain spit pain the truth at all cost
I feel a line's been crossed I dissipate all fears
I’ve been doing it for years don't call it a comeback
hurdled over setbacks trial & tribulation
No animosity serves as inspiration
Is this prodigal son forsaken?
I had a hiatus still I know they rate it.
But the number 1 rule is the game ain't waiting
So i fight frustration and these vampires trying to break him
Forgive me for the third person I sick of the fifth wheel
Commercial rehearsal who's keeping it real?
I get a sense of nobody so I gotta body the field
With this pen I weild from the shadows I emerge
Time to unconceal..

Written by Savvy aka Asaviour
Produced by DJ IQ
Cuts by Jon1st
Mixed & Mastered by Lea Turner