A quick piano cover (oh yeah and an update - read description)




Yes it's long. But you should read it all because cool beans.

I'm just going to start out with sorry. I know I've been gone for what, several MONTHS now?! Yeah, ridiculous. Anyway, so here's the deal. As a lot of my older followers will remember (maybe, I hope....actually probably not) a long LONG time ago I posted a track titled Deep Space which was going to go in an album with several other tracks but that idea got scrapped because it was...well it was a horrible idea and I was stupid with how I was trying to do it. Okay anyway.
So that track is still going on an album titled Deep Space - it's just totally been redone cause all the other tracks I was gonna put on it sucked. Everything that is actually going to be in the album have all been uploaded to my page by now if you haven't heard them *cough cough* or just want to hear them again to confirm my inferiority to everyone else in terms of music. Wow I'm getting off track. Sorry - ANYWAYS.
So yeah that Deep Space track I really like and want to keep, but the thing is that I produced it before I knew a lot of the fundamentals of producing (mixing mastering etc). So in short - it's got pretty good ideas that were pretty poorly created. I've been going through and trying to fix it all, but do you UNDERSTAND HOW HARD IT IS TO FIX A TRACK THAT WAS MADE THIS POORLY WHEN YOU CAN'T JUST START FROM SCRATCH AGAIN? Seriously I can't even explain. Plus the project originated in FL10, now I'm using FL12, and it's just a whole mess of messy things. So yeah, that's been taking a while, plus I just feel about 2% motivation to go through and do that - it's just not fun lemme tell ya. So yeah slow going but it's going (sorta). That's why I've been pretty absent from posting anything for a while. No I didn't get hit by a car, no I wasn't inducted as the leader of a tribe of wild banshees, and no I didn't go deaf and blind and quit music production. I'm just...you know. Stuck. Anyway, so yeah I'll be working on that and hopefully have it ready in a while.

(actually one more thing I forgot to mention is that when I have time to actually work on this track a lot of times I procrastinate on actually finishing that track and then start new ones. Needless to say it isn't the wisest decision, but hey I've got some pretty flippin cool stuff in store for you guys :)

Oh yeah, and the thing you may or may not be listening to right now that is the audio for this whole freaking essay I just wrote (isn't that just a school thing?) is a piano cover of Attack on Titan's "The Reluctant Heroes". I didn't create the cover myself, I got the sheet music online and then used that to record myself. (and of course edit it after to make it sound extra super perfect and on beat so everyone is really impressed with me especially if they don't read this part)
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