Demo of a track that I lost the project file of




So it's been FOREVER since I posted something, and I am very sorry about that to anyone who actually likes my music. Don't worry, I'm still alive, I haven't quit music, and I've been eating all my vegetables. I've just been completely thrown outa balance with this whole thing called school and how much of my life it takes over.

Anyway. So...big thing here. WEDNESDAY, yeah, wednesday, is when I'm finally going to reupload Deep Space.
I think we need a history lesson right here for some; I'll keep it brief.
For those of you who don't know (which would mean basically you followed me after I reached 100 followers) I had a track called Deep Space that was going to be on an album also called Deep Space. This was like 2 years ago. Anyway I scrapped the 3 songs I'd made up to that point for it cause it just wasn't flowing and restarted with the concept of still having an EP called Deep Space that would consist of all melodic stuff. So through mainly this year I've been uploading tracks with this album art that are going to be on that EP (which probably is just gonna be given out for free) and I knew I still had to release the original Deep Space track since it was a pretty cool idea. The thing was, I made it back before I knew so much about audio production and audio engineering and the theory behind it all etc. etc. So it sounded pretty terrible. Over the past two months I've been trying to fix it and make it sound better. That's been tough because I don't really know how to fix it properly without starting all over which is just flat out NO so I decided that on Wednesday I'm gonna upload what I have as is and that'll be that. The EP will be complete and given out for free on the off-chance anyone would want to listen to it in their spare time.
After that I will never do any sort of album/EP ever again unless I'm like a super famous producer. It just kinda sucks the joy out of making the music cause it feels like an obligation to fill a quota. I'd rather just upload tracks whenever they come.

Speaking of which...
since there were obviously many times when I just did not feel like trying to work on an absolutely horrendous track, I made new stuff. 4 or 5 new stuffs. And lemme tell ya, this is QUALITY. Like, not to brag or anything, but I'm am so stoked for you guys to listen to it. It's next-level stuff we're talking here. So that'll all be released periodically as I finish up small touches on them and give sufficient breaks inbetween uploads.
This track you're listening to (actually if you've read all of this you're probably on to two songs from it) isn't anything really serious just me fiddling around with new plugins and stuff. I'm not really a house kinda guy anyway.

If you've read all of this then thank you very much. I appreciate how willing you are to read my novels. It's a lot and I don't know how to compress it to be shorter xD

Also one more thing if anyone wants to repost this (only temporarily)just so that others can see it (I know how easily things get lost in people's feeds) that would mean a lot to me! Thanks.