Road To The Forgotten




Feeling an acoustic vibe at the moment. Really though I'd rather be doing piano improvs but I'm not yet good enough to make any quality ones... :(
(Xeuphoria teach me your ways!)

old description - don't bother reading.

First of all I just want to let everyone know that I'm going to listen your track if I haven't listened to it yet - I'm rather behind on that so it may take me a while but don't worry I'm listening to everyone's!

Okay so now here's a favor I have to ask.
So, if you listen to the Wally show on WayFM (it's just another normal national radio station) then you might've heard about the camp electric competition going on...
If not here's the scoop (if you know about this already you can scroll down a little) So in Nashville there's a camp called camp electric and it's like a Christian musicians camp for people who are serious about music and getting better at it. It's pretty expensive so WayFM was having a contest to give a scholarship for someone to go for free. Essentially you just have to upload a video of yourself playing/singing something and they picked their favorite 6 out of the nation. Well, crazily/insanely enough, I got selected as one of the 6 finalists! So now the only way for me to actually win is to get the most people's votes.
SO...what I'm saying is, if you could maybe find 30 extra seconds out of your day (yeah, it's that quick) I would absolutely love love love you if you would vote for me. It's pretty simple - you just go to
and scroll to the bottom and click "Ethan" and enter your email. You can do it once every day with the same email, and use different emails if you have more than one.
So I'm not saying you have to, and I won't know if you do or don't...I'm just saying it would mean a lot to me of you did. And if you do and tell me then we can be super good friends and I'll do you lots of favors(JUST DON'T VOTE FOR OTHERS xD)

Just a reminder you can vote once every day per email address! Voting ends this sunday. Thanks so much everyone!