Skyrunner - A Moment of Somebody




(note - if you download it the file might have a different name - sorry about that just ignore it)
The Japanese clips are from episode 12 of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo. It wasn't the most touching episode, but it was still a nice scene and I like the message behind it about friendship.

-Sorata: "Mashiro, don't go..."

-Mashiro: "Sorata..."

-Sorata: "Don't go, don't go please! Don't leave us! Don't leave me!"

-Mashiro: "Sorata, I heard you. I'm not going anywhere."

-Sorata: "Stay at Sakurasou!"

-Mashiro: "What happened to me? Is"

It's been a rough few months and I'm sorry I haven't uploaded anything in a long long time. Honestly I probably lost a lot of followers and SC friends because of my inactivity. But I'm back now, and hopefully here to stay :)

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