Skyrunner - Through Infinity




Like seriously, sorry. This took forever to post. I posted the preview of this like what, two months ago? I really shouldn't have waited this long, so I'm sorry about that.
This track has actually been done for over a month...but to be honest I never really felt satisfied with it. I feel like it could be so much better but I have no idea how haha...So, here it is. I'm not too impressed with it, and I don't expect you guys to be either, but at least now that this is up I'm free to upload the next tracks I have waiting! :)

So yes this is a part of my upcoming album Deep Space. (For those of you who don't know, I'm releasing an album titled Deep Space that is solely a melodic-focused album. I upload each track one at a time). I have actually 2 other tracks all completed and ready to go that are also a part of this, but I just have a few minor tweaks. So those'll probably come in a week or so. There's probably going to be about 3 more tracks left in this album.