One Mic Freestyle




Written.Recorded.Performed.Mix.Master.Art By @SQUiRE


[verse 1]

all i need is one mic
and one life
and one nice hit
and i need one joint
and one light to light my shit
i jus need one chance, off one glance
they’ll know I’m legit
one option, thats go
idk how to quit
one man, one mac
one motive at hand
always on my A game i only got one plan
i need one woman
super loyal one i can trust
gimme one shot ill show em
that they aint one of us
one right beat and i can be the one top
i don’t worry bout the clock i jus need one shot
watched u hate on me once
watched u fake on me twice
but i forgive you for one
cause I’m the one on this mic
one path, one road
only vision i know
I’m the only one left
cause I’m the one tryna grow
I’m the man wit the flow i jus need one show
i jus need one tour
kill it, bring one more
let me sing one more
show em one more time
any show i ever did the asked for one more rhyme
one soul one mind
focused on grind
i put everything in one
we only get one time

[Verse 2]
all i need is one hour
if I’m in one of my zones
case you ain’t know
I’m the one thats mixing my songs
case you ain’t grow
I’m the one been fixing my wrongs
case they don’t show
I’m the one that keep moving on
i don’t have one fear
ill be there in one year
every rapper disappears
if i turn up one gear
on this highway of life
I’m the one gonna steer
through the tunnel to the light
feel like the only one here
feel like the only one care
feel like the only one near
screaming for this dream
i was the only one that could hear
i’ll change the game one time
i jus need one share
from every one
who got this gold in at least one ear
sacrificed but i aint cry, i aint shed one tear
i believe that i can fly and i aint buy one leer
one mic one drum
and i turn to the one
they gonn treat u like a two until the day that you won
one daughter, one son, so i know i can’t run
gotta the make the right choices
i might only get one
yeah i hear a lot of voices
i jus listen to one
and thats the one who keep reminding me what i can become

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