Country Lovers

The Dust Bunnies



2 a.m.
I'm just getting home
I fumble for keys by the light of my phone
As I open the door
By the look in your eyes I knew I was caught
I wont come home anymore

Lay me down on the floor
I'm tired and I dont want to feel anymore
Hold me down
I only need a second more
I can see death standing in the door

Such a heavy silhouette
With your hands wrapped around my neck
As the salt of your tears mixed with the salt of his sweat
I began to hurt less and less

Drag me out the backdoor
While the rain starts to poor
No one heard and no one saw
Just a little blood on the bedroom floor

Take me down to the shore
Theres a bruise around my neck and my dress is torn
In the pale moonlight you swore
A kiss goodbye I never asked for
Abandoned by the one that i adore

How could you leave me alone
I cant face life on my own
My wrists are cut and the surf turns wine coloured

Staring at the moon waiting to drown
Whispering to you as I'm bleeding out
I can feel you trying to pull me down

The Dust Bunnies - Country Lovers

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