Verse 1
They say I can't rap English in this country anymore
You got Persian accent, you just had to be born
American to write lyrics so technical like the G.O.A.T
Now here we go, but I meant to be historical like Aragorn
No gimmicks or tricks martial of slapping hoes
The Infidel fiend with Infinite pack of words
The endless being whose brain like a damaged board
A rhapsody rhyming poem, tragedy's coming mourn
So what if I bring my sword, my ax or my Elven bow?
It gives you assurance it's a war
You better make vow or walk in this road alone
We'd forbid this way it's not even allowed
Cocksuckers say hello
To our Empire, we'll bring it higher
And I will never feel the pain or be tired
A retard who has begun a riot, I just require your entire things, I'm
Gonna be the fire who lits up the liars rapping like a wild bizzare
A rotten brain which is full of feces
I'm just trying to hold this piece and never let it crackle or shatter
Or someone touch it, it matters for its charisma
Better go and grab it never let anyone have it
Plus it's my deadline to get

I’m outta here, escaping toward Vanguard
They wanna stop cuz there is some bad blood
But they can’t cuz I got the Artifact dawg
Block the road but I ain’t going backward
Imma make my own path I’m leaving
I will never return or get back to this city
From now on I would breathe I would live I fight
I would die I would put everything I have to make Vanguard

Verse 2
They say I can't rap English in this country anymore
You still got no funds man, you just can't be alone
In this rap game make this happen without money, man you're broke
Even if you try to reforge the Broken Sword
You still got a million miles and places to go
Still got a million rivals against you to choke
The government’s Sheikhs will stop you and make your tomb
Your special piece will involve and make you boom
The miracle happening inside you's gonna make your horn a
Gigantical Elvish one then
The Vanguard will be formed
I can see these motherfuckers hate me
Cuz I'm a heretic and their God is so jealous he can't spare a dick
Now they wanna come and get me for a bunch of fairy tales
Just becuz I told them you worship blindly and you never think
You can try to get me but I don't think you ever can
Cuz I got a deadline to get to them fuckin Elven Lands

Verse 3
They say I can't rap in English in this country anymore
Cuz you have nothing, just a little piece of antique
It won't work for you Shahin
You won't go to that fuckin
World so try not to copy
The words of the Mithrandir
The more that you want something
The more you will get nothing
And you’re doomed to now rot in
The north of this damn country
This horrific sob story
Is closing every door which
Where opened for my glory
I’m lonely in this journey
These are the voices in my head which are always teasing me
And it's constant, constant, constant this tyranny
And this nonsense's not fair naw man this villainy
Is within me like a virus and enemy
But I'm doomed to burn in bearing this destiny
I’m cursed with this adversity to embrace this fate when these
People tell me you can’t do it but I’ll do it to prove it and
To end this damn monotony, Phenomenal has guided me
This far, this fight’ll violently destruct this mighty army this
Means I will rise to finally, disguise in the dust and kindly kill
All these wretched and faggots, feels like I am the baddest
Even worse than the Ghengiz Khan and fuckin Stalin
Cuz I had to be burnt for my life to be spared
It has brought me much pains, but I'll never regret
That I am such a mighty revenge that is cursed
And its curse is gonna spread toward Feminists first
If you battle me you taste your death in this verse
And your haste is gonna cuz your waste with my thirst
Gotta find to Vanguard and get outta this earth
And its piece gonna do it, it’ll guarantee its birth
Man it’s drawing my whole body to Undying Lands of Elves
Telling me "Shahin DO OR DIE in Survival of fittest"