You Better Kill Me




Infinite is a solo , self taught artist living in a country under the tyranny of one of the most oppressive regimes ever. Iran. Everything is highly restricted in this country and even Hip Hop is forbidden. He can even get killed if one his songs that is about the government goes viral in his country.

This song is written based on the real incidents happened in Iran in the beginning of the 2018.

You better kill me right now before it's too late
Don't even hesitate and throw me in this grave
Cut ma head off cuz I came to demonstrate
For this stomach that is empty, there's nothing on this plate
But you've already caged me in this cemetery
I'm a living dead in this tomb and I'm very weary
Of these fairy tales, that you use to brainwash every
Living being in this country where people are starving
But now we're protesting against your regime
We got innocent people getting shot in the streets
Have him cuffed for his beliefs
Force Hijab on these wo-
Men / build a mosque when these kids
Have no shoes on their feet
There's no room you can flee
I'm your doom and it's here
It's the truth that I spit
Blame America for this
Ain't gon' stop till these fees
are given to these workes
For months they're in need
Of some money but your greed
Doesn't let them have it
That's a man who's having
Trash that he's found in a
dumpster with his daughter
It's not fair
When you're Grab on
Dollars in your pockets
While this rapid pace of
Poverty is rising in Iran
And these fake news on TV are
Lying to us like P.T Bar-
-Num, people want to be free but
They oppress them and arrest'em
I'm sick your deception and now I want vengeance

Do it now or never
Arise to take back your rights
Kill a brother, we replace it with another
Doesn't matter how many brothers we lose in this fight
We're gonna keep on marching till we fuck Rouhani's butt
With the batons of his Riot police officers
They're in riot control vehicles running over citizens
This isn't what you call justice these innocent
kids must die cuz you gotta support the terrorism in Syria?
Man are you serious?
This whole city is dead
It's filled with minions
Bunch of morons who read Quran, flock of idiots
This whole Islamic regime wants your obedience
Cuz we are keeping you safe from those hideous
Heretics out there
Just shut it and take it
And accept that you are a slave and
praise the omniscient, amazing
Almighty god that you serve and
This rise will not gonna help to
Free you of this cage you are held in
You think we're gonna fall back?
Even in defeat, we're going to fight back
And there's nothing you can do it to stop that
Even when you wave your guns at
Us , we'll burn all these mosques man
Cuz we got the guts and valor to defy
We're so fed up now we're gonna win this battle and decide
Our future
Suddenly everybody's gone
I'm surrounded with cops / It's no "WE' anymore, it's "I"
My hands are tied and two of these Shia guard corps
Are pushing me toward the hanging platfrom
And I can see the same people I fought for
Cheering and witnessing and standing there idle
But I ain't gonna regret it / Cuz now I'm gonna die with honor
The noose is around my neck
I take a breathe, I'm ready
They kick the bucket
And I'm dead

You Better Kill Me
Produced by Infinite
Written by Infinite
Cover art by Infinite
Recorded by Infinite

Help this Artist to make his way out of that frustrating rotten grave he's stuck in.