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to: those who need a little more love than others. happy new year.

from: visionnaire + @calvinjameslewis

free dl: https://toneden.io/vsnaire/post/wantyou

p.s. this one is for India Autry, Mabinty, Meghan Beda, Nia-Tara + Violetta Laze.


a chorus
I've never been the one to entertain the extras / if you ain't coming off strong, I just sever the connection / but girl you're worth the work I just know / you're worth it / you say you're at your worst; even so /

b chorus
girl that don't mean I don't want you / that don't mean I don't need your love / (2x)

there's such a thing as getting lost in the light / there's such a thing as making two wrongs a right / I know 'cause I / see it in you / the way you frame degrees / play for keeps / keep it brief / hit the streets / kill the beef I know / you don't / feel like you run it when you look in the mirror / but you don't see what I do / the ones you trust they'll lie too / opinions ain't reliable / but just 'cause your chakras off baby /

b chorus
that I don't mean I don't want you / that don't mean I don't need your love / I only want to speak my truth / see you for what you are lemme pour you a cup /

I'm trine show you where to go to when it's loud / and you can't think / you're off balance like you standing in the rink / you feel like the world skating / and you stagnant / off the wave like you left the crib phone ain't sync girl I know / life is harder when you got potential / even success could feel like failure if it get you / girl you must know your mind'll wander if you let her hold it down from the third eye word to violetta do better / your every shouldn't, couldn't, wouldn't, don't forget you're every woman / it's all in you the prayer the proof you got the juice what you got to lose let me help you move / how you gon' win when you ain't right within / they want you to cave they want you to trade your skin / girl there's more to life than timelines, checks and pins / hop off the trend let's make amends baby let me in 'cause /

a chorus
b chorus