We believe
Sharing should be free
Artists have the right to create, upload, and share music at no costs. There should be no barriers to entry for the next great artist.
Albums deserve a home
Albums don't belong on Mediafire or Zippyshare. The Internet has been an amazing place for singles, mixes, and individual recordings, but albums, EPs, and mixtapes desperately need a home, too.
Music is global: sharing isn’t sharing if it stops at the border
The Internet doesn't have borders, so why should music? It’s important to be able to reach all of your fans at once. All countries are equal; geoblocking hurts artists and fans.
Artists have new metrics of success
Plays are an outdated metric. Modern artists need to be more concerned with retaining and growing their fanbase. Just like a tech company would measure “monthly active users,” we believe artists need to measure their “monthly active fans.”
We want to try something different
We think there is a better way to share music. Sign up here, and we’ll send you an invite when we launch.