CUM SHOT [A StellarD Bullet Hell]

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* This'll make you moan for sure.

For @thedboy
Art by @thedboy

listen to this hot take: the artist bullet hell project
starting with stellard
if you can guess all the motifs, i'll release the flp
i'll give you til november 20th, and i'll drop hints on november 10th.
edit: and we're out of time. motifs have been added.

1. MTC - S3RL [Vibraphone Intro + Main Lead] @jlucher
2. Thick Niggas and Anime Tiddies [Vocals] @lick-my-watery-dick
3. MAVALOVANIA [Piano] @mavalovania
4. Our Broken Constellations [Opening Synth] @sub-zero-v117
5. Despair [Transition Lead Before Square] @dratcross
6. Space is So Cool [Square Lead] @slick_silver
7. Xinos - out there [Sine Wave Lead]
***(Hint: original song)***
8. Smooth Sailing [Vibraphone Solo] @darwinmusik
9. Ram Ranch [Piano Lead During Vibraphone Solo] @sub-zero-v117
10. Despacito [Synth Lead During Vibraphone Solo] @sub-zero-v117
11. Xinos - looking for answers [Sine Wave During Vibraphone Solo] @echiono
12. Pon Pon Pon / Pomf Pomf [Bridge] @a_different_one
***(Hint: featured in a siiva rip for deltarune)***
13. S3RL - Pikagirl [Vibraphone During Bridge]
***(Hint: another S3RL song)***
14. Abnormalize (Psycho Pass OP 1) [Slow Bridge]
***(Hint: police and anime)***
15. Ramen King [Vocals During Slow Bridge] @echos-father
16. Waifu Wars [Sawtooth] @sub-zero-v117
17. Imperial March [Build-up Solo + MMX Solo] @sub-zero-v117
18. Machico - TOMORROW (Konosuba OP 2) [Guitar Solo] @aaaaaaa-egg
***(Hint: EXXPLOSIOOON!!)***