[Harmonic Dysfunctions] Invictus (Cover on Vin's Cover)

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alright so
here's another song i had in the back for awhile
again also not my best work because it's pretty old [and finished recently], so criticism would be really appreciated
now you'd think this would tie in with meggalovania, in the series of "Par Airlines Megalos"
well its not heck

flare art by @welcome-to-the-next-level, i think
the original invictus is by @flar-ex-on with the original lead being by @nere_xx
this cover's based on @welcome-to-the-next-level's cover of invictus

you can check out the vin's invictus here https://soundcloud.com/welcome-to-the-next-level/harmonic-dysfunctions-invictus