Defoncer [Remix] (ft. Lil Yann & EKM)

Ya Minko

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Twitter: @MinkoEmmanuel

Got the little homie to send me the instrumental
Kick a few bars, yes.
Keep this shit in the family

[Hook - Lil Yann]
On est dans le binks,
Negro on est defonse!

[Verse 1 - Ya Minko]
Everybody talking 'bout we crazy, (yeaahhhh!)
Everybody talking 'bout we lost it, (yeaahhhh!)
OG Kush got me in the air,
Fuck your feelings I'm years away...

Galaxies, I'm solar systems and stars away,
My inner me seems to ego trip, my six senses sipping on Perrier,
And 2-11, I'm elevated that's 24/7, like 7-11
I'm working and getting right, working on getting mine,
Get on my level, I'm here for freedom and peace of mind.

Praying for me and mine, I ain't religious I
Just want it all, I'm talking sex on the moon and wine,
Acting a fool on Mars, ask her to come around,
I ain't tripping or nothing, I'm just trynna kill some time,

Tell her she hella fine, it's about to be a crime,
She 'bout to spend the night, and we will not close an eye.
She can roll it like a Jag' in the 60s,
Says she wanna make a movie.
Watch me, huh!

[Hook - Lil Yann]
On est dans le binks,
Negro on est defonse!

[Verse 2 - EKM]

[Hook - Lil Yann]