It Feels The Same Everyday

Yellow House

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* All music and lyrics written, performed and produced by Emile van Dango
* Mastered by Fin. Mastering
* Artwork by Irma Stern


(People have only two choices: to suffer, or to fight)

Oh, grueling undertow
Spit me out any place you know
I'm too tired to swim home
Another staggering knockabout
Hammering the thought home
Like a nail through the window
Who are you to tell me who to know
And what to know?
Can't you leave this poor fool alone?
You're far too scared of the unknown
It feels the same everyday

This flawless paradigm
Can't talk me into blinding my eyes
With the bright lights of these white lies
Souls forgot underneath
The weight of something we could reach
If it weren't easier just to leave ya
Who are you to turn your face away
From the darker days?
Taking cover from another
Maybe it's too late for you
It feels the same everyday