Ciertas Palabras 2016 remake (Free personal download and Royalty Free Licenses)

Sergio Schnitzler aka Yio

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2016 remake (original 1997)
Music and Lyrics by Maria Lea Rossetti and Sergio Schnitzler
Vocals by Sergio Schnitzler (Yio)
Photo by BDS/CanStockPhoto

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[español] La letra está inspirada en esas profecías que a veces circulan y uno las cree y quiere difundirlas, que se acaba el mundo, que el calentamiento global, etc. y uno quiere difundirlas pero la gente no quiere escucharlas...

[english] Lyrics were inspired by those prophecies that some times we hear and we ended believing them and want to spread the word... that the world is about to end, the climate change, etc. and we want to spread the word but no one wants to listen...

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Spanish lyrics:

Letra / Spanish to English translation:

Ciertas Palabras / Certain Words

No me lastimes / Don't hurt me
No me censures / Don't censor me
Tal vez el miedo / Maybe the fear
te confunde / Confuses you

No me lastimes / Don't hurt me
Por un prejuicio / Due to a prejudice
Tal vez el miedo / Maybe the fear
Te consume / Consumes you

[Estribillo:] / [Chorus:]
Cómo podrás oir / How can you hear
sin que nadie te lo diga / Without anyone tells you
Cómo podrás oir / How can you hear
Cómo entenderás / How will you understand
Cómo lograrás estar alerta / How can you achieve alertness
Dime cómo entenderás / Tell me how will you understand
lo que vendrá / What is to come

Ciertas palabras / Certain words
quizás te sirvan / May serve you
Sólo un minuto / Just a minute
me bastaría. / Will be enough

Palabras que muchos no / Words that many people
quisieron oir / don't wanted to hear
Y pocos se atrevieron / And just a few dare
a decir / To tell

(Estribillo) / (Chorus)

[2º estribillo:] / [2nd Chorus:]
Hay algo que yo sé / There's something I know
y no debo guardar en secreto / And I don't have to keep the secret
Hay algo que yo sé / There's something I know

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