Over Here (Personal use and Royalty Free Licenses)

Sergio Schnitzler aka Yio

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Vocal trance track with male vocals and electronic choir.
Lyrics talk about the sense of absence of God and the need of signs to confirm his existence, the despair in a confusing world, the need to find the right path.
Soundtrack performed on digital synthesizers performing sequences and syncopation between many different keys and electronic choir. A blend of lead synths performs a catchy solo.

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Over here!
I'm drowning in
the deepest sea
full of fears
Bearly floating
I'm trying to see
if you are near
to rescue me

Over here!
Did you see me?
my inner light
it's fading out
I almost dream
I cannot scream
Make me aware
of what is real

Over here!
I'm waiting
for you
to save me

I heard
about you
but no signs
just silence

Give me
at least a call
Show me
a way to go

So I
can reach you
So I
can feel you
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