The Bond 2016 remix - vocals by Yio

Sergio Schnitzler aka Yio

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This is the 2016 version with english lyrics and vocals by Yio (Sergio Schnitzler)

This is a powerful exciting vocal trance/dance song performed on synthesizers.
Lyrics talk about love dependence, emotional ties and bonds.
It's also a love song with a little retro / old school style.

Tempo of 135 bpm
Key of Am


It Could be fate or my destiny
Maybe because of the karma wheel
I don't know how could I built this link
It is so strong that no one can release me

A big emotional tie for years
As if a magnet in front of me
I always feel so attracted to her
That only think at her side I just wanna be

She knows my soul, my inner side
Better than anyone
With her I feel alive
To her I am the one

She brought her magic wand
I couldn't say a word
Since then I lose my mind
I really love this bond

So many times I could break free
I once again got hooked instead
Cause every time she walks away
I keep on waiting to see her back again

When I'm alone I feel so lost
I feel like something is incomplete
I suddenly need to catch my breath
Without her something in my life is missing

Sounds like what? Maxi Trusso? You tell me ;-)
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