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Sergio Schnitzler aka Yio

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A song with a mood of drama and mystery in some parts and a positive triumphal mood the others. Blend of synthesizers, overdriven electric guitar, synthetic orchestrals emulating french horns and strings and sequences.
Sergio Schnitzler (Yio): composer, programmer and guitar player.
Suitable for news, thrillers, sitcoms, tv shows, sports, movie soundtrack, credits, titles or close.
Tempo of 120 bpm
Other versions and loops available.
Cover art by Sergio Schnitzler (Yio) - A torrent next to the Iguazu falls, Argentina

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Loop-ready version happy part (1:04):

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Torrent 60 seconds 01 (mysterious):

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Torrent 30 seconds 02 (triumphant):

Loop 60 seconds 02 (triumphant):

Loop 30 seconds 01 (mysterious):


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