Yio & Leah - Intrigue - Leah's version (Personal Use, Royalty Free Licenses & Loop)

Sergio Schnitzler aka Yio

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Male version at: https://soundcloud.com/yio/intrigue

Composer, guitar player and programmer: Sergio Schnitzler (Yio)
Vocals: Maria Lea Rossetti
Cover photo by Emma K. Studio (GrenouilleFilms at http://www.istockphoto.com)


A new change in my life
turning things upside down
Where is it taking me?

Now I'm setting new goals
Raising false hopes
This is getting old

there's a gem inside this cold rock
An intrigue
But still has to crystallize

Video presentation:

A melancholic meditative song, with english lyrics about the ups and downs in life and the possibility of discover our hidden abilities.
Performed on steel guitar making arpeggios and strumming, synthesizers emulating drums, strings, piano and a bass on a fretless style performing a complex line.
This female version has a few additional piano fills and vocal “ohs”.
Instrumental versions don’t feature guitar strumming.

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This set includeds the full song with female vocals (Maria Lea Rossetti) and piano fills (4:02), the full song with male vocals (Sergio Schnitzler)(4:02), a short instrumental version (2:17) and an instrumental loop-ready version (1:56)

Male version is also available at:
http://www.pond5.com/stock-music/10764287/intrigue-english-lyrics.html?ref=yio (click the box with 2:17 inside for the instrumental loop-ready version)

Instrumental version is also available at:
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Genres: Electropop, Chillout, Vocal Chillout, Future Synthpop, Lounge, Pop, Downtempo Lounge

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IQ, Keane, 30 Seconds To Mars, Coldplay, Radiohead, Riverside, Alan Parsons Project, Mike Oldfield, Propaganda, The Outfield, The Flower Kings, Pink Floyd